This gently-used set of three VINTAGE WOOD HAND SAWS was recently discovered in storage. We're guessing that they're older, so we feel comfortable using the term "vintage". They are fully functional and in pretty good condition. WE ARE NOT ANTIQUE or VINTAGE SAW EXPERTS; so please consult dealers, shops, websites, libraries, experts, and know-it-all friends to make sure this particular item will suit your needs.....

This gently-used set of three VINTAGE WOOD HAND SAWS includes two DISSTON saws and one NICHOLSON saw (bottom in picture). Each saw's cutting edge is approximately 26" long. One of the Disston saws--a model D-23-- has an elegantly carved handle, and is about 1.625" at the tip. The other Disston is a model D-8, and is about 2.25" long at the tip. The Nicholson saw is about 1.5" at the tip. All three saws are fully functional and very solid. All of the teeth feel sharp, except the teeth of the D-23, which are not as sharp as the others. It may need to be sharpened to work properly...... All of the saws have some amount of minor surface rust and other surface blemishes from general and normal use. These are only cosmetic, and shouldn't affect much...... Be sure to check out all of the pictures, and feel free to email us if you'd like to see more. A great set of unique saws at a great price, take them home today!
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