Vintage Wooden Gunther Beer Box Crate Carrier 1329


Crates make great memorabilia and collector’s items. Although a few are still in production, most of the breweries are just a memory and have long been out of business but fortunately, the crate survives. It makes a great gift for that hard to buy for brewery enthusiast, particularly if there is a home town attached to the memory. Crates are often used in antique displays or to hold bar accessories or as book cases. One suggested practical use: line with plastic, fill with ice and serve bottled beverages at an outdoor gathering. Give them a glass top for a cool cocktail table or use several to make unique book shelves.

All crates sold as is. This wooden crate has been washed and is sturdy. Strong crate, typical script of the era. Script clearly visible on one side and interior. The reverse side is faded. This brand is rare for me to find. It measures approximately 19 X 12 X 11. Any flaw or defect in the strength and structure is described to the best of my knowledge. Nearly all of my crates are distressed due to time and use, understandably, graphics are faded with age and strapping is occasionally rusty or broken. Some crates have “farmer’s marks” indicating identification paint used at the market. They come complete with cracks, dings, slices, bug bites, knot holes, staples, stains and chips. Any damage

Dowagiac, Michigan Pickup Welcome.

Feel free to contact me for any of your beer crate interests. Any inquiry welcome. 1329

Thank you for your interest. A Note Regarding Multiple Purchase Shipping Policy: Combining shipping for 2 crates saves nothing from either carrier USPS or UPS, due to the weight/size increase and often costs more. Combining shipping for 3 crates is generally more cost effective via UPS. USPS is not an option due to exorbitant fees. Shipping 4 crates together costs more than shipping individually. As a result, I will combine shipping on increments of 3 crates only. With a 3 crate purchase I will discount handling fees by 1/3rd but because I have to custom build packaging I am unable to reduce it further. There are several variables in determining the cost for shipping 3 crates: destination, packaging materials and overall weight. As a result, each 3 crate combination will have to be individually customized. I will do my best to find the most reasonable shipping rates for you.
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