Vintage World War 2 II Unsilvered Opaque Glass RED Paper Cap Christmas Ornament

Vintage 1940's World War 2 Bright Red Striped Glass Ball Christmas Tree Ornament With Paper Cap
Old glass striped Christmas ornament from the World War II era with the hard to find paper cap and colored string hanger. This ornament is unsilvered, meaning that it was never silvered inside as are most ornaments since metals were being conserved at that time for the war effort. As a result, you can see through most unsilvered ornaments. This one is rather unusual as it has a bright red exterior paint that cannot be seen through. The opaque war ornaments are harder to find than the transparent ones. It has been decorated with blue, white, yellow and green colored painted stripes in a matte finish. I have shown the ornament from all sides.

This one is still quite well preserved and a rare part of history in the ornament world!

Measurements: 2-1/4" wide; 7-1/4" around.

This bulb is in very good condition with no chips or cracks. There is some minor paint wear at the top as shown and some light crackling of the paint.

In the last photo, I am showing these ornaments in some of the other colors I have for sale separately.