Beautiful Vintage Wostenholm Straight Razor w/ Box & Paper

A FINE shaver!!! Geo Wostenholm & Son's Celebrated IXL Razors - Washington Works Sheffield - Hollow Ground - Hinge pins are perfectly tight and crisp. Blade Edge is SHAVE READY w/ no cracks, chips, or pitting. The finish is 95% mirror finish with very CRISP blade engraved design. Handle is very clean with 90 - 95 % of gold remaining in the "HOLLOW GROUND" design. The box is in great shape with minimal damage. Comes with a period Morley & Sons Imperial catalog advertisement for this exact model razor (and others in the Wosty fleet of that period) showing it to be the most expensive model. Paper was bought from gdawg . Original! Not A Reprint! An IXL-ent razor for any collection or a GREAT shaver!

The blade is a solid 11/16" evenly from the spine to the edge with no hone abuse.

On the reverse side of the blade, the number 01323 is barely visible and very small - matching the item ordering number that is indicated on the included paper. Must have been written with sharp fine tipped pen/marker long ago. Long since faded and cleaned. Possibly for a barber selling these to know what to ring up or for ordering more. ??? Did not show up in the photos that I took. Moderate buffing it would probably take it away completely.