Vintage WWII 1942 US Navy Elgin Timer Stop Watch & Bombing Timer w/ Original Box

Stellar example of the vintage World War II era 1942 United States Navy Elgin Timer Stop Watch and Bombing Timer.
Issued by the United States Navy's Bureau of Ships (BuShips).
Working and in Like New condition. Complete with original box and white cloth insert pouch.
Own a unique piece of Military History. Please see photos for further details.
From Wikipedia :

Bureau of Ships
The United States Navy's Bureau of Ships (BuShips) was established by Congress on June 20, 1940, by a law which consolidated the functions of the Bureau of Construction and Repair and the Bureau of Engineering. The new bureau was to be headed by a chief and deputy-chief, one selected from the Engineering Corps (Marine Engineer) and the other from the Construction Corps (Naval Architect). The chief of the former Bureau of Engineering, Rear Admiral Samuel M. "Mike" Robinson, was named BuShips' first chief, while the former chief of the Bureau of Construction & Repair, Rear Admiral Alexander H. Van Keuren, was named as BuShips' first Deputy-Chief.
BuShips was abolished by DOD Order of March 9, 1966, as part of the general overhaul of the navy's bureau system of material support. BuShips was succeeded by the Naval Ship Systems Command, now known as the Naval Sea Systems Command or NAVSEA.

The bureau'
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