Vintage WWII Coca Cola Lithograph "Bell Airacobra" P39 Pursuit US Army Air Force

Check out my other items ! The next collection we will be featuring consists of Sets, & Pieces of Lionel Pre War, Post War, Marx, LGB & a little Flyer thrown in for good measure with a splash of HO to wash it all down. I had the opportunity to travel down south & met a like minded train man we'll call Dwayne. We talked, reminisced, & haggled! What you will see listed here are the results of the haggle. I know you will not be disappointed! Most of these items were purchased ran when bought new, for a test run, boxed back up carefull y & stored. He also had a few soda advertising items to boot.

Coca-Cola has done a lot of posters with American planes. Throughout their history, posters have been a significant means of mass communication, often with striking visual effect. The posters were framed and hung in bottling plant lobbies, schools, and other places. Students were instructed on the airplanes so that they knew the difference between friendly planes and enemy aircraft in preparation for bomb drills. They were all painted by the American artist William John Heaslip who was famous for his aviation related advertisement. This is for a vintage Coca Cola cardboard lithograph print of a Bell - "Airacobra" - P-39 Pursuit airplane, U.S. Army Air Force The lithograph is titled "Protecting a bombing operation"
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