Vintage Yardley DuOM0D Liplighter has2 Slicker Lipstick

A Wonderful Vintage Yardley Duo liplighter in Solid Orange color from days long gone ~ 40+years ago. Rare, *Basic* & Good Morning Slickers inside.

~ This is in Yardley Liplighter is in Good Condition & I have loved having this. Both Slickers inside are Unused. Good Morning has faded in color and a discolor spot on the lipstick. No bad smell a faint good smell. Clear Basic Rare polish has smells fantastic. Its Full with a tap on very tip from inside ? These are for collectible purpose tho not intend to use. Base has a bit of green on polish from old age & metal touching. The Roll up on both is smooth. Mirror in Nice Condition. No dates but I would guess a 1970 - 71' Oldie but a Goodie ~