Vintage Young & Sons Transit-Early 1900's

This Young & Sons transit belonged to an older gentleman who said that it belonged to his grandfather. It is truly quite an impressive instrument. It is marked Young & Sons, Philadelphia on the compass dial and the number 8670. The scope is 11 inches long and extends to 12-3/4 inches. The compass needle is 4-1/2 inches long. Total height is 12 inches. The windows displaying the scale at the SE and NW locations on the compass are labeled A and B. It has three bubble levels and many adjustment points. It has an early plum and comes with a box . The transit screws to the bottom of a board which then slides into the box for transport. The box comes with a heavy leather strap for carrying. It is really in fine condition. All the levels have fluid and it does focus and has crosshairs which looks to have a tiny particle of dirt on the bottom. The name of Young & Sons on the transit was used from 1875 to 1917 when Keuffel & Esser obtained control of the firm in 1918. What a great piece of history.