VINTAGE YUCAYO CUBAN RUM BOTTLE-SEALED-pre-60's-Excelle VINTAGE SEALED BOTTLE YUCAYO CUBAN RUM RON SUPERIOR Distilled from Cane Products and Bottled by Compania Licorera Matanzas S.A. Matanzas, Cuba 88 Proof-4/5 Quart
Bottle is encased in a reed cover-well made and tight fitting.
This is a fabulous and very rare bottle and product. My research found no other publicly known. I'm a bit tempted to sample it, but.....
The company had a long rich history and had been selected to represent Cuba at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, in San Francisco, 1915.
On the label, just below the word, Yucayo is a word and numbers partially missing. Legible part says"...acion 44-15"-perhaps a batch # in 1945
I do not know the age of this bottle, but my research leads me to believe pre-Castro
Most of the original tax stamp is in place as is the original wax seal- absolutely no evidence that opening was ever attempted
Tax stamp reads "un litro 20 centavos", rest of stamp is illustrated with engraved pattern and a crest.
Crest has is divided in the center-on the right side is a palm tree, on the left wide diagonal stripes. What looks like a key near the top center and something-almost looks like a lighthouse on top of crest. Boughs of a leafed branch (perhaps olive) flank the sides of the
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