Vintage ZEISS-IKON Ikonta 521/2 6X9 Folding Camera

This is a nice vintage Zeiss-Ikon Ikonta 521/2, 6X9cm medium format folding bellows camera. Camera body is stamped Zeiss-Ikon, Ikonta, 521/2. K 22697 and inside were film is put is stamped Zeiss Ikon Film, 6X9cm * 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 in. The lens is stamped Zeiss-Ikon, Compur, Novar, Anastigmat, 1:3,5 f = 10,5 cm., #396376. Camera appears to be in very good condition and cameras manual shutter fires at all speeds (B-250) and aperatures (3.5-32). I have cleaned lens and it looks clear with no scratches, chips or mold or fungus that I can see. I have not shot any film with this camera so it has not been tested that way. The bellows appears to be light tight with no crack or holes. Nice camera to collect or use.