Vintage Zenith Console Stereo Model RM2420 w/95 albums!

This auction is for a wonderful vintage stereo console by Zenith, model number RM2420. It has a Zenith Stereophonic High Fidelity FM AM Tuner and a 4 speed turn table. This hidden treasure was pulled out of storage after 20 years or so!

We believe this piece to date back to the 1960's....possibly the early 1970's. We cannot be positive on the actual date. While trying to do some internet research, we have found if any part goes out on this console, t are numerous sights that have all kinds of replacements.

The radio is in GREAT working order. The sound is remarkably good for the age of this unit! It tunes in radio stations so well, even in the block building we are in when our fairly new stereo will not pick up anything! :-) The turntable does come on and spin.

While testing the turntable, I find it will do the following.....the album is "held" up top with the arm, it will release and drop onto the turntable and spin, the stylus will swing over and drop down onto the album, but it will only play for a few seconds then retract back.

T are some scuffs on the top of the console, as well as a little staining on the speaker mesh covering on the front. T are two sliding cabinet doors on top of the unit.

We are including a total 95 albums for this auction, including The Beatles Again album. 2
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