Vintage Zenith High Fidelity AM/FM tube radio **WORKS**

Up for bid is a vintage ZENITH High Fidelity AM/FM/FM-AFC tube type radio, chasis number 8C01-8C02. It also has C845E stamped on the Zenith label afixed to the bottom of the unit. This piece is in good condition considering that it is approximately 50 years old. The AM/FM and FM-AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) operate and the unit has a good clean crisp sound...after the tubes warm-up of course. The tuner works but the dial cord tends to slip when the tuner is adjusted to the upper frequency range. The cabinet is wood and it is in good condition with a small piece of veneer missing from the upper right corner, visible on gallery photo. The front cover and grill is either plastic or bakelite and it is in very good physical condition...NO CRACKS. T is a PHONO input on the rear of the unit which is selectable with a slide switch. Overall I would consider this piece to be a fine example of early high fidelity radio reception equipment.

Please feel free to ask questions prior to bidding. This item is being sold "as is" due its age.

Thanks for looking!!!!