Vintage Zenith~Pre-War~Tube Radio~Oblong Dial~5S319~Old

is a nice Wood Pre-War Zenith Tube Radio.Marked on the back model number 5 S 319.The case is made of a solid wood and is in good shape but the case has been repainted in a deep red color.The photos look to be brown but the radio is actually deep red in color (see photos).The wood case is in good,strong condition with No lifting or deterioration of the wood case.Very solid.The front is truly awesome with horizontal cut outs in front of the speaker that wraps around the left side giving the radio an elegant Deco style.On the right side is the "Oblong Dial" station area with a brass tuning pointer (see photo).Underneath are the on/off volume knobs and the plastic tuning knobs with the 5 push button knobs.They are complete but 2 of the larger knobs do have a few chips on them around the edges.On the back chassis is the model number 5-S-319 in gold ink.The radio has both AM and Short-wave stations on the dial.The cord had been replaced and I took a chance and plugged the radio in.After I plugged the radio in and after warming up the radio had a low humming sound that seemed to go away when the stations were tuned in.I received many local AM stations with good sound and clarity.I tried the radio on the short-wave stations and all I received was one station no matter w I turned the dial pointer.Could be an easy fix for someone more knowledgeable ... read more