Vintage19c Chinese ceramic Male/Female Foo Dogs/Fu Dogs

Vintage 19century Chinese ceramic Male/Female Foo Dogs/Fu Dogs'or 'Lions of Buddha'c1950's These are a PAIR of 19th century Chinese ceramic hand painted Foo Dogs; Fu Dogs or 'Lions of Buddhaâe(tm) - Guardians of the Temple - the Fu is a homonym based on the Chinese word âe~Fuâe(tm) meaning luck or prosperity.. A very attractive matching pair of miniature Fu dogs sitting on pedestals with somewhat of a serene feature to that which verses the typical fierce ones often see. Chinese lions usually appear as male/female pairs with the male holding a ball under one paw, and the female generally holding a lion cub which lies on it's back. One Chinese legend holds that female lions have nipples on the bottoms of their paws which they use to suckle the cub. The ball is believed to represents the "flower of life" - as a union of Heaven and Earth, or the totality of Buddhist law, and the cub is believed to represent the cycle of life. (Alternatively, Chinese today like to point out that while the male lion plays with a ball, the female lion is left to look after the baby). Believed to be of the Ching period - known to some as Chinese famille blau decoration, a rich Turquoise blue glazed surface - the Foo Dog male faces left - Foo Dog female and child faces right - the child is also laying on it's stomach upright against the females uplifted ... read more