Vintagejoblot Wenebrik metal construction building

((((( Please note most of my items are in used condition )))))

----- so they will have some wear and tear ----

N.B. Postal/shipping cost's have risen at an alarming rate which is reflected in higher postal charges which is beyond my control - I use Royal mail for safety/insurance/compensation, I donot use the cheaper options as they donot deliver to the high standards set by RM - My apologies for the higher postal cost's .

<<<<< As many parcels seem to be getting lost! all overseas deliveries will be sent recorded which will add 6.00 GBP to the cost >>>> >

----- Item description -----

On offer today I have a joblot of Wenebrik metal building items which consists of doors/windows etc etc - I am unsure to it's age.

----- Item condition -----

These items are in sound condition with some wear and tear in keeping with their age and being used.

----- Terms & conditions of sale -----

---- Please read -----

If you donot accept my terms please refrain from bidding on my items

a) Over sea's buyers I accept paypal only, no other form of payment is acceptable.

b) UK buyers I accept paypal - personal cheque or postal order.

c) I donot accept bank transfers or cheques drawn on a none UK bank.

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