Vintagel Brass Wind Up Alarm Clock, Geneve, France

This is a beautiful little Universal Geneve wind up alarm clock from France. The clock is in perfect running condition and has been running for days on a single wind up. It keeps excellent time. The brass is beautiful with a slight bit of wear to the underside where it doesn’t show. This is a small clock measuring 3” around. Pictures are greatly enlarged and show something on the face that I don’t see when looking at it. Good wind up alarm clocks are getting very hard to find, it seems even the quality brands have gone to cheap plastic with battery operation.

The items that I sell are the items I love, memories, antique and vintage, they are old and as with all vintage pieces are to be considered used and therefore possibly showing wear for the age. I try to show all areas of concern but sometimes I may miss something that is important to you. Please view all my photo’s and ask if you have questions and concerns.

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