VIOLET RAY WAND 32page owners HANDBOOK comprehensive must have for all VW owners

Here we have a REPRINT of the comprehensive 32 page illustrated guide to the use of the Violet Ray machine printed in the 1930s for the Rogers Vitalator, but applicable to all makes of Violet Ray Wand Equipment. This really is a refere nce work, and a copy of this booklet should be in th e hands of every Violet Ray owner, collector and user.
Topics coverd include, amongs others :

What are high frequency currents?

How do high frequency currents act on the sick and the healthy?

What is the verdict of science on highfrequency treatment?

Health is wealth

Ozone improves health

Rogers Vitalator for all afflictions of the ear

Rogers Vitalator for athletes and sportsmen

Directions for applying high frequency treatment

Diseases of the body and their treatment

Diseases of the brain and nerves

Rogers Vitalator in the nursery

An aid to beauty culture

Illustrated list of avaliable glass electrodes for ALL parts of the body

Electrodes and the care of them.

Within the pages are contained a comprehensive guide as to the use of the Violet Wand for treating all manner of afflictions, when to apply in close c ontact with the body, and when to let the spa rks fly, and the use of the wand as a preventative as well as a cure.

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