Old Violin Eli A Willard Detroit Michigan 1897 Spalted

This old violin is from the collection of a collector that held many antique US made stringed instruments. The violin is full size and has a hand written on lined paper label inside. The label reads Eli A Willard Detroit Michigan 1897. It is in top condition with no crack or repairs and does not look that the top has ever been opened. The back is two piece spalted maple and the sides and neck have some flame. The pegs and end pin are not ebony and may have been made with the violin. The finish on the back has brush strokes in the varnish. The strings and bridge will need replacing to suit your taste in strings and set up. The scroll carving is not as perfect as a factory violin of this time frame and the purfiling is inlaid as well. I have seen this maker listed on the big antique auction sites. This is and outstanding find for any collector. Buyer Pays Shipping 25.00 Overall length 23 Back length 13 9/16 Upper 6 7/16 Lower 8