Virga Pam Ginny Type Indian Doll All Original Outfit and Hair

Here is an 8 inch vintage hard plastic Indian Doll that is a Pam or
Virga or one of those Ginny types from the 50s. She came to me
like this and I believe she is still in her all original outfit and head
band. She came with no shoes or underwear, I don't know if she
should have had them? Her hair was never combed by me and
still looks pretty good and her original little red bows in her two
braids. Her walker and her eyes work. She has beautiful brown
eyes. There are no smells, stains,etc
Shipping will be 2.75. Tracking is 75 to 80 cents, that's included. If I
overcharge more than 50 cents, I will refund.I am guessing at the cost
and I am not sure. If you have any problems with your purchase,please
let me know. I am a collector first and seller last, so I want you to be happy.
I haven't sold much in the past 2 years and I moved. Unfortunately, I have still
been buying and I have an overflow. I am intending on selling some of my dolls,
starting with all the extras I have acquired. My doll collection is still in boxes,
waiting to make room to come out. I mostly collect Muffie, Ginny, Ginger and
the 10inch dolls, Jill, Little Miss Revlon, etc. I will get to those things in boxes