Virgin Guadalupe, Virgen de Guadalupe sequin applique

This newest offering from our Virgin of Guadalupe line is a sequined patch worked with the face of the Virgin within. It is the same concept as a Byzantine Icon w the body is covered with silver and only the actual painted face shows. This patch can be used in numbers of ways in decoration or craft work. It could be sewn on a shirt, jacket, or bag; it could become the centerpiece of a shrine to the Virgin, it could be used to embellished any number of projects. Handmade in Mexico, it is approximately 7" tall. The sequins are red, green, and gold, all very vibrant. The Virgin of Guadalupe is known as the Queen of Mexico, Mother of the Americas, the first indigenous Hispanic Catholic icon. She, more than any other image, signifies the plight of the Mexican underclass and she has always been associated with those who need the protection of the Divine Mother. According to the legend, she spoke to Juan Diego, a poor man, in his own language, Nahuatl. She called out saying, "Juanito, Juan Dieguito ", "the most humble of my sons", "my son the least", "my little dear . . . Be not troubled nor afraid. Am I not , I thy mother? Art thou not beneath my protection? Am I not thy shield?" If you are a Guadalupano or Guadalupana, a Marian devotee, or a lover of Hispanic religious culture, you will be pleased with this auction. email if you have ... read more