VIRGIN Our Lady Guadalupe Statue Resin Catholic Altar

Virgin Our Lady Guadalupe


Measures: 24 centimeter x 12 centimeters x 6 centimeters.

Material: RESIN

This Auction is for: 1 (one) statue

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Also known as
Holy Mary of Guadalupe; Virgin of Guadalupe; Maria de Guadalupe
12 December
Guadalupe is, strictly speaking, the name of a picture, but the name was extended to the church containing the picture and to the town that grew up around the church. It makes the shrine, it occasions the devotion, it illustrates Our Lady. It is taken as representing the Immaculate Conception, being the lone figure of the woman with the sun, moon, and star accompaniments of the great apocalyptic sign with a supporting angel under the crescent. The word is Spanish Arabic, but in Mexico it may represent certain Aztec sounds. Its tradition is long-standing and constant, and in sources both oral and written, Indian and Spanish, the account is unwavering. The Blessed Virgin appeared on Saturday 9 December 1531 to a 55 year old neophyte named Juan Diego, who was hurrying down Tepeyac hill to hear Mass in Mexico City. She sent him to Bishop Zumárraga to have a temple built w she stood. She was at the same place that evening and Sunday evening to get the
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