Virginia. William Gooch. D.S. by Governor Gooch, 1745

Sir William Gooch (1681-1751) was one of the most successful of Virginia's colonial governors. He served as governor, with the exception of a seven-month period, from 1727 to 1749. Goochland County, formed in 1728, is named after him. Offered is a land grant signed by Gooch in Williamsburg on July 10, 1745. The document measures 21 x 13, vellum, good condition, and easy to read. It consists of twenty-six lines, and reads in very small part, "...for and in consideration of the Sum of Forty Shillings of good and lawful money for our use paid to our Receiver General of our Revenue in this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia, We have Given Granted and Confirmed and by these Give Grant and Confirm unto Ebenezer Adams, Gentl, one certain Tract or Parcel of Land containing three hundred and eighty four acres lying and being in the County of Goochland on the branches of the Byrd, and bounded as followeth to wit...on the West side of Great Creek of the Byrd...." And goes on with the boundary description. The description is followed with an acknowledgement that the grant comes "With all Woods, underwoods, swamps, marshes, Low Grounds, meadows...and his due share of of all Veins mines and Quarries as well discovered as not discovered...together with the Privilege of Hunting, Hawking, Fishing, Fowling and all other profits Commodities ... read more