Visconti Divine Proportion Solid Gold FP Limited Edition - XX/618

The Visconti The Divine Proportions Solid Gold PPT Filling Fountain Pen -
Visconti, the world's number one producer of luxury writing instruments, is premiering its new pen "The Divine Proportion" at Cannes.
It's not just movies that are being shown off at Cannes.
Visconti pens took the opportunity of the film festival to debut their new Divine Proportion pen.
They chose the Cannes Film Festival because the opening night movie was "The Da Vinci Code" and the novel talked about the mathematical relationship popularly known as "The Divine Proportion" which is seen as the essence of aesthetic perfection.
The golden mean (1.618) or phi ratio was used to develop the pen and including the length of the celluloid cap and barrel.
The five-sided star shape of the inside, and the golden spiral or Nautilus barrel.
The precious brown celluloid body and cap are perfectly contrasted by the striking sterling silver lines which add a slight twist to the beautiful writing instrument.
It is trimmed in sterling silver and has a two-tone, 18K nib and a "Push & Pull" filling system.
The Divine Proportion Limited Edition is presented in a special presentation box which includes a special measuring tool.
The pen is limited to 618 pieces in Gold.

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