Vivienne Westwood Spike Shoe Ornament Metropolitan Museum Punk Chaos to Couture

This is a BRAND NEW Vivienne Westwood spike shoe ornament , directly from the hottest newest exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art costume institute, "Punk: Chaos to Couture"! Beautiful reproduction of her Vivienne Westwood's famous spike heels with a little loop at the top so you can use this as a hanging ornament, if you wish. Would look very cute on a desk as well.

This is ONE ornament. It is about 4" tall and 3.25" wide.

"Vivienne Westwood" is imprinted on the inside of the shoe. Patent leather with small painted silver spikes, as shown. In perfect condition: I spent some time going through the shoes there. Many of them have missing spikes and deep scratches but I have triple checked and the one you will receive is perfect.

Wonderful addition to your shoe ornament collection and would be amazing next to the Alexander McQueen armadillo heel ornament from a few years ago!

Comes just as it would from the store. Includes its own Met Museum dustbag with drawstring and a little writeup about the shoe and the exhibit.

I SHIP WORLDWIDE. (Only exeption is Russia--no shipments to Russia, unfortunately, due to slow shipping times/customs issues there). National shipping comes with a tracking number. Worldwide shipping does not. Please be advised that shipping times can be lengthy and all
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