VLASTA By Pat Thompson Numi and Takahasi

12/7/10; NEW INFORMATION I just found Numi and Takahashi on an Oct 1, 1992 Close Out Inventory of Thompson Associates. Both Numi and Takahashi are listed at $2000 each, $1000 wholesale. "This Close Out inventory consists of one or two pieces and till March First will carry a 10% discount from the wholesale prices." I'll enclose a copy of the price list with the dolls.

VLASTA by Pat Thompson Numi and Takahasi

Numi and Takahasi are being sold as a pair, just the way they were purchased. On the invoice they are described as “Oriental Child-Numi 10/25 $800.00 Oriental Child-Takahasi Artist Proof $800.00"

This pair of dolls was purchased on August 5, 1994.

Both dolls sit about 17 inches tall, are about 17 inches wide, and about 8 inches deep. Both have soft cloth around their feet. Each doll has a Vlasta doll stand that is built into the doll. They both have brown glass eyes with lush upper lashes and painted lower lashes. Numi has black hair styled in bangs, and Takahasi has a long braid down his back. Their faces, feet and hands are not porcelain, but another material I’m not sure of. Together they weigh over 10 pounds.

Numi is wearing gold silky pants trimmed at the bottom with 3 bands of fabric, each matching the fabrics in her jacket. Her jacket is a gold metallic finish fabric, lined
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