This auction is for a set of extremely unique and rare hand painted birds on china. They are painted by Dennis Puleston, an internationally known conservationist and painter, among other things. I have come up with so much interesting information, that I will gladly print it all out and send it along with the coasters to the winning bidder.

Puleston liked to give his paintings to his friends as gifts, and was surprised when people wanted to buy them. On the back of each of these coasters, it says Exclusively for Frank M. Whiting....who was the founder of a well known Silver Co.

Please see each photo...I will describe the marks on the back to the best of my ability, but t are a couple places I can't make out. I will take them to a jeweler tomorrow to see if he can make out what I can't. I will add that info later.

The metal is indeed sterling silver. It is engraved under the rim along the edge ~ Frank M. Whiting & Co Sterling ~

Each coaster depicts a bird ~ t are 2 Pheasants, a Pintail Duck, a Bobwhite Quail, and a Turkey. Each says Exclusively for Frank M. Whiting ~ Original by Dennis Puleston ~ Delano Studios ~ and something I can't make out. The raised W on the two Pheasant Coasters is the trademark of the Frank M. Whiting Silver Co.

On the top is an emblem that has a sail boat on
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