American Vogue August 1, 1957 with a host of fun editorial pages including the "practical possibility of owning your own plane," a special 26 page section on children's fashions with two pages with pictures. Also - college fashions with a spread featuring members of Vassar Colleges' Daisy Chain; new hats and the coiffures to accompany them; Suzy Parker with Cary Grant in "People are Talking About" also in this section, a bit on a 'Skiffle' band called the "Vipers," painter Sam Francis and a new Chicago cocktail - 'South Side' kind a Vodka mojito.
Cover by Horst
Fashions Vogue's eye view of a serial story Next points to watch: waistlines coming in, new belts, brimmed jackets, new overblouses, new blouse-overs The next furs--brief mink; belted broadtail The next hat and its coiffure The next suit color--brown The next evening shoe--brocaded, patterned Campus work clothes--the new McCoy Children's Vogue: 16 pages of new clothes plans Play smock adapted from Diors work smock; Ginny Doll news wardrobes for the 7 to 12s; new color for the velveteen party dress; new paper doll cut for coats; little boys suits wardrobe for new "sub-teen" size
New Vogue Patterns for a self-made college wardrobe
Features•Articles•People The Family Plane: 17 men and women who fly their own planes "Wings of Your Own" by
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