ClicPic ClicPic Gallery Software. This little cutie is a Ginny doll, made in the fifties by the Vogue Dol company. She is a bent-kneed walker & walks perfectly. Her hair is original, a shiny honey blonde, with shortie bangs & styled into a pair of braids. Her eyebrows, lip color & cheek blush are all in pretty good condition, while her sleep eyes are a lovelt, clear midnight blue, have the molded lashes & operate manually. She has no stains, splits or odors and has all her fingers. She is wearing an adorable vintage cowgirl outfit, which is most certainly vogue, but the tag is no longer inside. The bodice is made from a somewhat faded fuschia crinoline, with long sleeves and a green ricrac trim on the neckline. This is attached to a green heather felt skirt/shorts combo, with a horse and faded symbols on it in a light green paint. There’s a little pleat in the front of the skirt and it closes in back with a hook & eye. There is a little damage to the skirt on the right side towards the front, but it is still very sweet. Her stockings are newer nylon, while her shoes are actually vintage flocked oilcloth boots in an ivory color. I make every effort to provide shoes & stockings for my dolls, as so many come without them, and they are getting more expensive/harder to find all the time. On her head is a cute tan ... read more