Vogue Ginny Medford Tag Outfits Nine In All

Vogue Ginny Outfits, Nine In All And All With The Vogue Medford Tag, Includes:

1: A lace wedding gown and veil, very good condition with slightly dingy lace.

2: A blue cotton dress with apron, cap and underpants, very good with some discoloration to the white pieces.

3: A white, purple and gold dress with underpants (not sure if the underpants match the outfit), excellent.

4: A ballet(?) dress with matching underpants and head-piece, excellent.

5: A red and blue dress with lace edging and matching underpants, good with discoloration to the top.

6: A lacy top with pink bow, excellent.

7: A polka-dot jacket and romper, good with some spots on the jacket.

8: A red dress with lace edging and matching underpants, excellent.

9: An "ABC" printed cotton dress and matching underpants.

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