Voice of Music Model 722 & 168 Reel-to-Reel ==TOTL

Voice of Music Model 722 Reel to Reel and Model 168 External Speaker. I recently acquired these items from the estate of the original owner. Cosmetically, they are outstanding and look nearly like they did when new. I powered the units up and played a couple of tapes. Both units sounded great. I did not try to record, but I did try the record mode and it appeared the unit works fine. The green eye lighted up when in record mode. Due to age, both units could probably use some general maintenance and service. The reel to reel and the external amplified speaker both use vacuum tubes in the electronics and have a nice tube sound. Included is the original accessory box which included Manuals, mics, patch cords and related items. It wuld be hard to find a nicer pair than this one. Buyer pays $50 shipping in CONUS.
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