Voigtlander classic accessory Rangefinder

Voigtlander classic accessory Rangefinder

The rangefinder on offer, seen on a Voigtlander Perkeo I, is in excellent+++++ cosmetic condition, really nice, nicest one I've offered in some time... I'd easily call it mint ... but anything 50+ years old is apt to show at least minimal use.

For the 35mm, 6x6, or 6x9 folder of the 1950s, this is probably the best rangefinder available ... though t are some other good ones, but the Voigtlander is the top quality item.

I do spend time preparing and adjusting each one of these I sell. Functional condition is outstanding and cosmetically ...as described above, is excellent+++++++++++ with NO signs of finish loss, which is almost always the result of wear from its "protective" leather case !! . Mechanically , optically, and cosmetically... it is " as good as it gets !"

These rangefinders are now much more difficult to acquire and getting really expensive. This one is calibrated in METERS ( which for Americans is pretty much a Yard ) . Oh, BTW... camera is of course not included in this auction, though is available separately. When you add eBay and PayPal fees, the reserve on this item is actually below my cost for it !

Thanks for looking and Have a Great Day !!

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