Voigtlander Vito B 3 x cameras + Focar + Voigtländer r/finder model 93/184.

Voigtl�nder. Collection of three fine cameras + accesso

Voigtl�nder . Collection of three fine cameras + accessories.

From the outset, can I say that everything, bar the shot glass, that you see in the images is included in this sale.

The camera you see with the lens hood is the one working on all functions, mainly because I checked it through with a film loaded. The other two are practically there but need their irises lubing to get the shutters to tension properly. They are sticking at about F8 and prevent even simulated cocking of the shutter � it�s a typical problem with the Vito B but easily sorted if you can give them time and patience plus a little dexterity. All have the Skopar lenses which are especially clean with no �extras�.

Cosmetically every piece is in collector quality condition with one piece, shown in the images, being particularly pristine.

The rangefinder accessory is genuine Voigtl�nder as are the two Focar close-up lenses, The lens hood, trigger release and yellow filters are generic though contemporary.

An original Vito B manual plus a guide brochure from the time is included.

Leather ERC cases for all three cameras plus cases for the hood and rangefinder are included and they are all at least excellent.

At under �100 it�s surely a bargain for
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