VOISIN FRENCH RESTAURANT DINNER MENU, Park Ave NYC 1951 Shipping Info Description

Voisin Restaurant
Dinner Menu


Saturday, May 19, 1951


Printed for the Voisin Restaurant, New York City NY, original 1951 Edition. Being a single folding sheet, printed upon thick, quality paper stock. and illustrated with embellishments both front and on interior facing pages. This dinner menu is from the much celebrated Voisin Restaurant, located on 375 Park Avenue (at 53rd Street), and considered worthy of the ancient name it bears.Â

Expensive, exclusive, classy, the original Voisin was once located in Paris, and is considered famous due to a most peculiar Dinner Menu that was saved for many years afterward, once served for Christmas during the 1870 Siege of Paris. That menu held unusual delicacies from Paris zoological gardens, including kangaroo stew, rack of bear, stuffed donkey's head, roast camel, antelope terrine, cat with rats, and wolf haunch in deer sauce, even Castor and Pollux, the only pair of elephants in Paris, were not spared!Â

Sometime later, in 1912, the owners of the Paris restaurant opened a new Viosin Restaurant at 375 Park Avenue, in New York City. Quickly gaining a superb reputation during the Great War, by 1924, when the first Voisin closed their doors in
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