Vokey Custom Purple Black Oxide 2 Wedge Set 56 60 Golf

Vokey Custom Black Oxide 2 Wedge Set 56 60 Golf Description:

Up for sale is a one of a kind set of 2 Vokey Black Oxide Wedges: 260 ∙ 06 (60 Degrees of Loft – 6 Degrees of Bounce) 256 ∙ 14 (56 Degrees of Loft – 14 Degrees of Bounce) Standard length and lie on both clubs. Both wedges are pristine and look absolutely Gorgeous!! The wedges have been fitted with brand new True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 HL shafts and matching new purple ferrules and new Golf Pride Multi Compound Grips. The wedge heads were refinished and 99% of the flaws were removed from them. They have not touched a ball since being redone. The grooves have been regrooved. The paint fill is a combination of white and purple. The black oxide will make club feel softer and you will have more control around the greens. Please note that the black oxide finish will wear over time. The club will rust if improperly taken care of. Many factors come into play into how the club wears. Such as if the player takes deep divots or plays in a heavily fertilized course. The club should not be left in damp conditions after playing. Proper drying of the head and then oiling with a silicone cloth, baby oil or WD 40 will prolong the finish and maintain the brilliant look of the club. Do not miss your chance to own this pair of beautiful wedges! You will surely be proud to have these

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