Votes For Women Suffrage First! Artist Emily Chamberlin

1915 Campbell Art Co. Elizabeth, N.J. Suffrage Postcard by Artist Emily Hall Chamberlin. Marked on back National Woman Suffrage Pub. Co. Inc. This is a real beauty, with just a slight discoloration near Women which lightly extends into the white moon. This does not take away from the display appeal and is mentioned for the sake of accuracy. You won't be disappointed. I have enlarged image to show detail. The colors in the card are pastel. The little boy is trying to sneak a kiss from his girl, but she states Suffrage First! This card has it all. The Votes For Women slogan, great color, artist signed and date on front. It was never mailed. I currently have other wonderful historical and political postcards listed. Free Shipping and Buy It Now for a lucky ebayer.