VOX AD120VTH valve digital hybrid 2x60watt stereo guitar amp

VOX AD120VTH valve digital hybrid 2x60watt stereo guitar amp I've just bought an AC30, so I'm reluctantly selling off all my unused but perfectly good gear to feed my family in this cold Mancunian January…
I presume if you've A vast array of amp types to choose from, from Fender and Marshall to of course the perfect VOX AC15 and AC30 configurations. Of course one of the brilliant features of this head is that you can switch the power output down from 2x60 watts all the way to 2x1 watts if you want to get all the meaty overdrive and VOX bite without the neighbour-alienating volume...
Head shows a bit of use as you can see from the photos - she's got plenty of character! However, the unit is in perfect working order and sounds phenomenal through a 2x12 cab. I also have a heavy duty 4x10 Laney cab up for grabs which might well be the perfect partner for this head, although to be honest I hadn't even thought of trying this til I wrote it.
Built in FX are pretty sweet too, from overdrive and distortion, to compression, acoustic guitar emulator and all kinds of modulations. Also some gorgeous delays and reverbs modelled too. Ideal for surfy shimmer and twang!
I started on Line6 Flextones way, way back in the 90s, and the Valvetronix gear kicks their arse, no questions asked!
A 99p starting bid with no reserve
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