VOX Folk Twelve Electric guitar - rare collectible

VOX Folk Twelve Electric - This is a very rare 12 string electric folk guitar that needs someone to restore it! It has a few small dents and chips and some cracks in the finish (see photos). I am only a wannabe guitar player so know very little about guitars. I won't try to give you details so study the photos and email me if you have any other questions. I have never tried the electric parts so don't know if they work. I bought this guitar from a friend who was moving out of state. He was a camera buff so don't think he played it much either. The numbers on the back plate are 293073. It says Made in Italy by Vox.

I'd prefer someone to pick this up but I can made a crate to ship it at your expense if necessary.

Due to the age of this item it is being sold "AS IS".