Vox Mini 3 Portable modelling guitar amplifier

OK so here we have what must surely be the ultimate buskers amp. Small, portable, battery or mains and yet Vox still manage to cram in 11 different amps, four effects and four delays, plus giving you a socket to plug a mic into! You can alter the volume of the mic so you can turn it low just in case you're singing is crap or turn it high to cover the bum notes you keep playing. Or is that just me...
Will play for up to 10 hours on 6 AA batteries apparently, I haven't tried it but I'm going from Vox's info here. Comes with a mains adapter for use at home. Also has instruction book.
The sound totally belies its size. It really does sound good. It also has a 'line' setting so you can take a line out to something else, the gain and volume knobs become bass and treble when in this mode. I haven't actually tried this myself, mainly because I only just read it but come tomorrow I'm going to plug it into that big old 2x12 super tramp behind it and see what the neighbours think!
Condition is as shown in the photos. which is very good.
There's no handle/strap with it but the connectors on the sides will accept a standard guitar strap, I'm sure you have an old one kicking about!
There is a review with sound samples on this site:-
The one shown is black but its the same one. (except
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