Vox Tonelab ST

Here's my Vox Tonelab ST. It's brand new and in the original box. I bought it for a project, got it out of the box, switched on made sure it worked, put it back in the box and there it has been ever since. Still in warranty. The details can be found here: /pedals/tonelabst/ Brief details are: True-tube Valvetronix power! The power amp circuit features a 12AX7 triode vacuum tube for undeniable tube tone Thirty-three amp models (the largest number in its class) range from classic vintage models and high-end boutique amps to modern high-gain designs and beyond Mix and match the eleven cabinet models with any of the thirty-three amp models for complete flexibility Twenty-five versatile effects allow ToneLab ST to be your one-stop tone shop – no other equipment required! The editing sections for the amps and effects are completely independent, allowing direct visual editing Simple ASIO-compatible USB audio connection to your computer Download the free librarian software and manage programs on your computer, share presets with friends or online with the VOX Tone Room Twenty “Song” presets provide spot-on recreations of instantly recognized rock guitar classics Fifty preset programs are ready for immediate use, including twenty song presets. Fifty user programs are ready for your own custom sounds – for a total of 100 programs in memory! ... read more