Vox VT40+ 40W Guitar Combo Amplifier

Vox VT40+ 40W Guitar Combo Amplifier,

This amp is in full working order and excellent condition other than the damage to the back of the amp (see pic) only cosmetic

Supplied with12 months warranty

Paypal only & Ship to Mainland Uk only.

Normally £170 brand new,

— VT40+ - Introducing the new Valvetronix+ Series the latest in Valvetronix evolution, featuring 99 ready-to-play presets, a massive infusion of effects, plus an all-new Power Level control. Of the broad lineup of VOX amps - from large all-tube amps to mini transistor amps - the Valvetronix Series is acclaimed by the broadest range of musicians and is being used in the widest variety of musical scenarios today.

More Details:

Delivering the perfect fusion of great tube amp sound and cutting-edge modeling technology, the original VOX Valve Reactor circuitry made its sensational debut in 2001 as the guitar amp for the new century. Since then, it has undergone continual renewal in response to the latest developments in amps, sought after by discerning guitarists of every style.

Tube-powered VOX Valve Reactor circuit

Every guitar player seeks the power and playability delivered by a tube amp; the fat drive tone, wide dynamic range, subtle picking nuances, and quick response. After painstaking analysis of guitarists? tastes
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