Vroom! Vintage 1950's-1972 Matchbox Lesney Lotus, Drott Excavator, Lamborghini

Hello! This is a lot of vintage 1950's-1960's Matchbox Lesney cars, trucks, etc. They range in condition vg to nm. I have not cleaned these up but they look pretty clean. A little detailing will bring them back to life. I will start with the 2 Cooper Jarrett Trailers. Both are excellent with a miniscule amount of paint wear. The tires look nice and they run smoothly. They are marked Inter State Double Freighter. Next a red Dumper Truck No 46. Some paint wear. Parts and tires work well. Refuse Truck No 7 with some paint wear especially on the back. The parts and tires work well. Leyland Petroleum tanker BP No 32 with some paint wear. Tires look good and are smooth. Greyhound Couch No 66 a lot of wear but tires look good. Dodge Wreck truck No 13. The paint doesn't look bad but it has a few nicks and both tires on the driver's side are bent. Missing red light. Ambulance No 54. This is an earlier one. The paint has a miniscule amount of wear. Decals, Windows, tires look nice. Cycle trailer nice. Chevrolet Impala Taxi. A little paint wear. Tires, Windows look fine. Droit Excavator in great shape. There is a little paint wear on the shovel. Something looks odd with the tires. The parts work well for No 58. U.S. Air Force plane with no markings. A Fiat 1500 No 56 with paint wear. It needs to be cleaned up a bit. Tires work well and the

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