vsacn1876j-b20, Canada/Provences, Van Damn van damn fsc6, CV $65, 1876 usd,...

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About Us
Welcome to Vintage Stamps of the Americas!

Vintage Stamps is now about 5 years old� and has morphed into Vintage Stamps of the Americas. We now offer� not only prime U.S. material� but a vast selection of Latin American items. Both popular priced to rarities. We continue to be committed to customer service� integrity� and value. While most of the U.S. offerings are certified� this is not the case with the majority of the foreign material. Much of the foreign has come from outstanding old time collections that have not seen the light of day for many-many years. The freshness and quality overall is remarkable!

The amount of material is so great� we had to keep the descriptions brief-but I can assure you; many excellent and gorgeous stamps are to be found! We are members of the leading dealers associations� and we earned a perfect approval rating with EBay� so buy with confidence. We want our customers to be satisfied and comfortable with their purchases.

Things You Need To Know
When shopping our sites� be aware that numerous groups and assortments might not include complete sets� the images will be the determining factor� so please pay attention to this. Some album page lots will show stamps mounted three or four deep� in these cases; your offers
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