VScarce 4" ANRI carved wood ANGEL as BERNARDI #790037 IN REVERSE - 2 ANRI LABELS

PLACED ON THE TOP FRONT ROOF of THE LARGE STABLE I AM SELLING (as we speak) was this RATHER HARD TO FIND circa 1954 FULLY MARKED -------------- ANRI --------------- CARVED WOOD FIGURE that was CATALOGED as #790037 only IN REVERSE OF PICTURE by BERNARDI in the CATALOG (may I assume offered both ways .... or shouldthis be a "TRIAL PIECE and MUSEUM ALERT!" rof lol lol .... FULL WINGED ANGEL with PRAYING HANDS and NOTE HAND PAINTED PATTERN TRIM on LOWER HEM OF GOWN - NICE FIND JUDGE RAE!(You do NOT have to use as the ESTATE OWNER DID and Probably NOT an original NATIVITY ANGEL; I think they made a SERIES of Angels.)-----------

Right at 4" HIGH; being 2 1/2" WIDE at BASE DIAMETER. I see nothing to call and I will call MINT CONDITION with 2 ANRI ORIGINAL LABELS on the BOTTOM (see picture) - GUARANTEED AS REPRESENTED and CHECK OUT THE OTHER NATIVITY, CRECHE RELATED & STABLE FIGURES SELLING NOW and YES you may combine ANY of my auctions. ----------- Buyer to pay $6.85 Priority Shipping and I LOVE MY JOB! Please check out my other ANRI !!! (You WILL be PLEASED WITH THESE MID-CENTURY CARVED FIGURES, just found in a fine Dr's. Estate in Small Town Ohio!) - TOKEN OPENER AND NEVER A RESERVE! (Be Fair ..... bid against yourself if you have to!!! lol lol...)