VTECH CYBER SPY NOTEBOOK. BRAND NEW IN A BOX. The Cyber SpyNotebook is a high-tech language learning laptop. Your littleundercover agent will discover a wealth of knowledge, but they'll be having too much fun to notice. Players will take on the role of a Cyber Spy and go on secret missions w they will uncover more than 100 activities that teach English, Spanish, French, German, math, logic and more! And with the Cyber Spy Notebook, the mission ever ends. Simply connect the Cyber Spy Notebook to a computer and download new content whenever your little sleuth is ready for a new challenge. Cyber spies can also visit the online Cyber Spy Headquarters w they can play additional games or post scores for all to see. The Cyber Spy Notebook comes with a mouse, mouse pad, online ID card, CD rom, and USB cable.
Features Connects to the computer for access to online community, games and refreshed content. Cool Cyber Spy theme makes learning fun. Teaches 3 foreign languages and much more. Over 100 activities. Record voice/playback feature makes learning foreign pronunciation a breeze