Vtg 1977 Batman Trik-Trak Remco Complete in Box

Vtg 1977 Batman Trik-Trak Remco Complete in Box Search

Remco 1977 Batman Trik-Trak "Hot Pursuit" play set. The set is complete with....battery operated Batmobile, 8 sections of guide track, 6 colorful Gotham City scenes, instruction sheet and box.

The Batmobile is working...back wheels spin hard when batteries are installed. It has a few very small bumps and scrapes, otherwise it shows very little signs of use.

All of the track pieces are present. Six curved tracks and two short straight tracks. They are all in very good condition with no cracks, splits or breaks. At some point they had been taped together, so when I found them they had bits of duct tape and scotch tape at the ends. I removed the tape and cleaned up most of the residue. There are a few small spots of sticky that I missed, for the most part they are nice and clean. I didn't use anything abrasive for cleaning so there are no scratches from cleaning.

The six backdrop sections are in great shape. None have tears or holes or bug damage. A few may have slight wrinkles and a few tiny spots of wear...one has a faint oily spot in the white bottom margin.

The instruction sheet shows bug damage, though is still intact.

The box top has many tears, splits, torn flaps and has been taped up with wide clear tape at some point. The
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