Vtg Barbie ♥Ken♥ Doll & Clothes Lot w/ Acc. 60s #788 Rally Day Plus Others

In this listing, you are considering for your collection the items that you see in the above photograph.

Vintage Barbie's boyfriend Ken from 1962 with molded (not flocked) hair and fashion is in what I consider to be fair condition, with a possible upgrade to good condition after a little TLC and laundering has been employed. As you can see in the photos, Ken has developed the pale limbs but he is not missing any fingers or toes nor does he have chew damage. He has no flagrant body damage like cracked knees or age spots but I do feel as though his arm a little swingy. I know his jacket is from Rally Day #788 (1962) but as for the pants, shirt, socks and shoes I have no idea. The jacket is in lovely condition with no stains or rips. The pants will need a few stitched beneath the zipper but otherwise they are quite nice as are the socks and shoes. The shirt has a few holes which will need to be tended to. I am listing Ken and his garments as I acquired them and I would recommend a good soaking to the fashions as they are a bit dingy. Please note that this was acquired second hand so I can not gurantee how it was stored or displayed before it came to be in my possession. While I do not detect any flagrant odors associated to this item, your sensitivity to these matters may be greater than my own so a laundering may necessary
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