VTG Black Hills Gold Ring & Earrings F.L. Thorpe & Co.

I don't know much about Black Hills Gold jewelry. All I can tell you is that these lovely earrings and ring was a given to me over 7 years ago by a woman in her 90's. She mentioned that her husband bought her these on one of her first trips to Dakota.

You will also receive the ring box and jewelry case in which I received the jewelry in. The jewelry case reads: Original Black Hills Gold Jewelry, manufactured by F.L. Thorpe & Co., Deadwood, So. Dakota, Established 1878.

T is also a F.L. Thorpe & Co. fold-out brochure which partly reads:

"These first pieces of Black Hills Gold Jewelry -- as every piece of Original Black Hills Gold Jewelry produced today -- featured a basic design of grape clusters and leaves of red, green and yellow. This basic design reflects much of the colour of the period when the West was really opening to civilization, plus the personalities of such notable characters as Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Poker Alice and many others.

Today after more than 75 years of manufacture, Original Black Hills Gold Jewelry offers you a rare combination of past and present. The past is our adnce to the basic grape and leaf design...the present is our incorporation of the latest trends, resulting in unique, distinctive jewelry that's always correct, always beautiful.

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