VTG Rare Butterscotch Amber Sterling Silver ea. 40-60mm

Up for your consideration is an Antique/Vintage c1900s (Ottoman Empire)
Butterscotch Amber Pendant Necklace Hand tooled filigree silver on a silver chain.
We recently acquired a very nice collection of antique and vintage jewelry from a family member. This piece is one of 10 in a series of Butterscotch Amber jewelry. Before my family immigrated to the US-they were successful merchants dealing primarily in textiles. During the course of their dealings across Europe and the Middle East, they would occasionally barter or purchase items (primarily jewelry) from various tribes or individuals. This Amber pendant is one of those items and it has been in our family for well over 100 years. I cannot tell you the region or date, we can only guess based on the information given to us.
I have however, taken several pieces to my jeweler in order to authenticate the silver. She made it a point to test several areas on each piece to determine metal consistency...This, along with the others that I will be listing have all been authenticated as silver. Some of the finer pieces, this being one - did show a very high content of pure silver...which does make sense. I suspect that this necklace is much older than I have listed-maybe around the 16th century...just a guess.
This outstanding Butterscotch Amber Necklace boast 5 enormous
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