VTG Cobalt Blue Seltzer Soda Bottle Etched Glass Paterson NJ Siphon Made Czech

This listing is for the vintage cobalt blue seltzer/soda/syphon bottle you see pictured. It is true vintage era bottle and looks to be Made in Czechoslovakia. In my opinion it displays great and it looks to be in great condition, appearance wise. It also looks to be complete. There is some etching on the bottle. It says "Zarrow Bottling Works, 116 Spring St. , Paterson, NJ. With a logo. There are no visible cracks, chips, breaks etc. of any kind to the glass. The bottom has a hot air balloon which is a famous makers mark.

While it is my opinion that this is in very good or better condition please note. I am no expert. The bottle appears to be complete with brass spout and full glass inner stem, however it is untested. I never even opened it up or looked inside. So.......

****I am selling this as a collectible item and there fore as described and as is.

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As always photos should be considered part of the description. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks.