VTG CORGI MINI MORRIS MINOR #226 Metallic Purple Ver!

Continuing this week listing a few more select Corgi Diecast--This also has been a favorite of mine of the Corgi Mini Morris series.

Checklist - Scale: 1 - Poor, 5 - Excellent

Scale __1:42___ Vintage __Y___ Model __# 226___ Year __1960-71___ New __N___ Played With Condition __Y___ Box __N ___

Paint __3.5--top roof and side edges has main paint scraps____ Wear __4___ Decals __n/a___ Windscreen/Windows __4+--Good without major scatch or flaw___ Missing Parts __none - ___ Box Package Condition __n/a___

Overall Condition __4__ has some wear - paint scraps. On close inspection interior steering wheel is off center however presentd and display ready.

Comments: A very nice mid-1960's Mini Morris Minor. This version has the cast detailed hubs, yellow interior. Patent number on the base. Color on this is a dark metalic purple, stands out among the Corgi Mini Morris. Body has paint wear but overall does not detract. Flaw as mentioned above--closely looking the steering wheel - one piece of plastic with age has become detached making the wheel off center--in my opinion a minor issue overall. **See Pictures

Will add to any vintage diecast collection.

***note about "vintage": the older the diecast there is going to be a more chances of at least some wear, maybe just from time. Unless
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